Sunday, July 25, 2010

When a Father refuses to be a daddy too his child.

 Why is it that men let other people direct them when it content they kids?
It bad when a child grow up without both parents, the most mental broke
on the a child is when he or she find out that the reason a parent was on is 
been less then cause someone is influences them.  A child only does what
 that have learned or seem, do you know if a spouse is abusing their mate
your kids starts hurting one another, for (sample- A Family has a family
union, and one of the grand children was in town. Whom was rise without 
both parents, this child and here baby wasn't welcome. The head of the
family which a Minster Tell members of his family not to bring the other child. 
Which  is the minstersons daughter.   He fail to realized, he was a father first,
then he marriage a wife without telling her about his children. So 45 years later one parent is dead, and the other parent lives but still continue to live in the past out off
he daughter, and grandchildren plus great grandchild life. Now one parent
left living plus a grand parent. Father is still disowning his daugther. She is so
confuse that she try to kill herself. This man need to grow up, cause the child
he don't claim will never show him that he will always be love by his daughter.
help stop suicide among mental patients, help these children by rising funds
 for mental health research. Not claiming this child  could a problem in your

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