Sunday, August 29, 2010

If We all Live for our Potenials?;;;;http://www2.americanchildhoodcancer,org/teamMargaretmcgee;


    When we all try to live for our potentials, there is always
something or somebody try to destruct our great joy. People
you don't realize the everything on this earth belong to us.  Our
God created the heavens and earth for us, if you choose to live
right the world is granted to you through our Lord and savior.
Death is how you pursue it, it can be a good thing for people
the suffer from critical diseases.  The sad thing about dead you
can't bring them back. Our potentials are basely to prepare for
the present and our future.  If we just trust in our Lord and savior
all things are possible.  We are of christ as christ is of God.  So
you people out there that lives to cause hurt and pain on good
 people you need to think twices.  Before doing something to hurt
another person, cause it will come back when the time is right.
Be careful of your actions, and behavior can cause great damage.