Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love isn't suppose to hurt.

/XML/sub_tab  As a child most home are told what happen in your home stay in your home. People we need to take a different look, at what may accrue when we teach our children, this some children could have been abuse mentally, and phsyically to where something may cause a change reactions. Just as they enter adult life styles may lost of a love one. a chronicle illiness, tody we look at the home and most people would say oh they deserve to live like that. But all well, we the people did this to our family ourselves. We never took time out to communicate with our love ones. A family member could have so much pain from the past as child until, as an adult they excite anything and anybody thinking that life is suppose to hurt them, and that's what love is. But what happen when a child ends up with a mental behavior do to things that child wasn't able to talk about. Now we have medical problems call mental health which we all something push away from cause of what people seen to don't understand they fear or turn their backs on. Everyday isn't a sunny day if you really care about family and friends ask if there ok or going through a hardship, be that special someone the can bring joy in the rainy days.