Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chasing a High make our women and men feel less than.

Women today will do almost anything to fit in the world around them, today
life plays tricks on people.  A person could have all the money in the World
and not be happy.  Today our women and men some well educated and some
not as fortune.  Chases a high, Why chase the high?  Their trying to get that 
first high.  Not making it right by chasing the high.  They don't care about
 nothing but chasing the high.  Getting high, and staying up all day and all
night chasing the high. That high makes the pretty person, lose they beauty
and they youth, they age twice as fast when their chasing the high.  Now the
plots thicken by chasing the high.  When people is chasing a high, they really
don't care about nothing.  A friend is just a nice way to said your their next plot.
When chasing the high their is no friends, and people with children can't hear
they cries cause their too busy chasing the high.  Exspecially when all they think
about is just chasing the high.


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